What is Bollywood?

Mumbai (Bombay) is India's movie-producing capital, as Hollywood is to the U.S.  So, the industry is lovingly referred to as "Bollywood".  Bollywood movies are energetic, colorful, dramatic, and comedic, but a movie's music and spontaneous dance routines are often what make it a hit. Oh, and lets not forget the stars! Who can argue with the smooth moves of Shahrukh Khan, the good looks of John Abraham, the everlasting charm of Madhuri Dixit, the swagger of Amitabh Bachchan, or the eyes of Aishwarya Rai?

At Bollywood Bash we like to celebrate all the things we love (and laugh at) about Bollywood, from the glitzy, skin-tight costumes to the outrageous dance moves. For one night, the venue will feel like an all night Bollywood dance sequence, and YOU are its star!  But don't worry if you can't sing. Just like in the movies, we will leave the melodic warbling to the professional playback singers so we can simply lip sync in style. It’s the night to let loose and show off the Bollywood mega star you know you are.

Check out some of our favorite Bollywood videos:


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1950's to 1970's

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